GIS Solutions for Transportation Infrastructure

Our ever-increasing mobility demands efficient management of the transportation infrastructure. A integral part of a needs-appropriate management is an optimally current user- and process-specific data basis of the transportation network and its corresponding inventory.
Geocom offers an effective integrated solution portfolio for data editing, update processing and extensions and integration of transportation infrastructure data.
street management gis solution screenshot

Road Information Management
Geocom has comprehensive experience with the modelling and use of linear referencing, specifically with ASB, OKSTRA and INSPIRE. On the basis provided by  Esri Roads and Highways it can offer the optimal platform for managing transportation infrastructure.

street network management GIS screenshot

Data Maintenance
The requirements for data currency and data coverage are often so high that even the inclusion of regular scheduled data updates is not sufficient. Continual adjustments to the data are required to secure a sound user- and process-specific data basis. The GEONIS Street Network Manager: powerful tools and functions for efficient data collection and analysis, from ad-hoc routing to validation and quality assurance.