GIS Solutions for Energy Sector

Energy supply security and sustainability are central prerequisites for stable societies and a robust economy.
GIS industry solutions provide a solid foundation for achieving these goals, from data capture and management to planning and maintenance of trenches, cable, pipe and conduit networks, from supply and distribution stations through to the end user.
GEONIS Electro | ArcGIS Pro Screenshot

GEONIS offers energy suppliers process-oriented solutions for comprehensive management of their network infrastructure. The usage areas include electricity transmission and distribution, as well as networks for cable television and telecommunications. The basic functionality of GEONIS is complemented and enriched by specific solutions for circuit management, material management, network calculation and outage management.

GEONIS renewal energy | 3D webscene screenshot

Renewable Energy
GEONIS Windpower provides rapid and convenient micro-siting: The functionality components from ArcGIS are bundled into an intuitive user interface covering required workflows, thus providing a seamless and intuitive information and process flow, avoiding the need for paper maps or export to CAD systems.

GEONIS Gas Profil screenshot

For the management of gas networks, GEONIS offers, in addition to the basic functionality for data-capture, also comprehensive specialist functionality and pre-configured tools for damage evaluation and leak simulation. The ability to integrate existing systems makes GEONIS the ideal solution for gas suppliers of all sizes.

GEONIS steam reporting | ArcGIS Pro screenshot

District Heating
GEONIS offers solutions for the efficient management of district heating systems. Industry-specific functions such as automatic digitizing of send and return flow systems and the automatic evaluation of equipment data make your work easier.

GEONIS specialist solutions for energy suppliers can be infinitely individualized to meet your organizational processes – all without any programming know-how.