Coming soon: New version of GEONIS Network Calculation

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Coming soon: New version of GEONIS Network Calculation


Version Service Pack 2 of GEONIS Network Calculation for direct testing of connection requests in WebGIS will soon be published. This version provides users with valuable improvements to the working process.

Direct verification and permission of connection requests using a WebGIS application

With GEONIS Network Calculation, the user can easily process connection requests using a WebGIS interface, provide information and document approved connections in no time at all.

Release highlights of GEONIS Network Calculation Service Pack 2:

  • Support of further connection request types, such as heating pumps, further motors and charging stations, which are tested according to DACH-CZ
  • If a DACH-CZ calculation is insufficient, a load flow calculation can be started directly on the transformer circuit
  • Simple quality control of network topology
  • Consideration of approved systems in load flow calculation 
  • Creation of approved systems in the testing process
  • Export of transformer circuit and specifications for the connection request as a NEPLAN project for detailed analysis and processing
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