Geocom GIS Circle | Extended 2019

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Geocom GIS Circle | Extended 2019


New technologies, speed workshops and tips for the day-to-day business have been the focus in this popular Geocom event. The future of the GIS world and the daily challenges have been spotted from different angles.

Our fully booked event in the Trafo Baden started with the welcoming plenary by Tim Börner (CEO) and Christoph Spörri (CTO) following the motto "We value our time". 

Highlights of this year's event:

  • GEONIS - An outlook into the future
    The changing market situation, digitalization, and the successive use of new technologies challenges Geocom to move GEONIS onto a new and modern foundation. Our main target is to create time for our customers, optimize workflows and to offer a futureorientated solution. The appreciated functionality and flexibility of GEONIS will be enhanced with a state-of-the-art design, a simpler administartion, the consistency of functions and data, and a significant raise of data quality. Our target is to save our approved practices and know how by integrating them into new technology.

    GEONIS - the new version
  • Tips and Tricks 
    Several speeches have been held in the "Tips and Tricks" section, targeting day-to-day challenges and best practices: Topics such as "Enterprise GIS in the Cloud" and "Performance & Best Practice" have been appreciated by the audience.
    All attendees got practical information to enhance the performance and stability of an Enterprise GIS environment. A kind of an action plan has been given to proceed with measures in a structured way.

    Details Add-In Services "Performance & Health Check"
  • Geocom is now even part of the visual Smart City
    With our new and modern application "LISA", Geocom transforms traditional signs into digital information panels. Open your eyes and held your head up high. Our interactive information solution can be found already in several Swiss and European cities.

    Learn more about LISA