GEONIS is ready for ArcGIS Enterprise

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GEONIS is ready for ArcGIS Enterprise


GEONIS server is the perfect addition to ArcGIS Enterprise.

ArcGIS Enterprise is the new name for the server product family from Esri and includes Portal, ArcGIS Server as well as further components from the server environment.

GEONIS server integrates seamlessly with ArcGIS Enterprise brings added value.


  • Integration with business systems:
    GEONIS Integration Services, through its SOAP interface, allows integration between GIS and enterprise systems such as SAP. The synchronization of data between these systems can take place in real time or on demand.
  • Security:
    Because GEONIS server uses ArcGIS Portal authentication, various user rights can be defined. Depending on the rights granted in Portal, the user can be authorized to edit data, or only read data, or not access data at all. In addition to these authentication possibilities, GEONIS server enables the assignment of specific rights to access individual functions or datasets.
  • Apps:
    With GEONIS server GEONIS solution data can be used directly in Esri Apps, for example with configurable attribute dialogues implemented as a widget in the WebApp Builder; or by directly integrating the GEONIS rule engine in an ArcGIS Enterprise map service.
  • Data Quality:
    GEONIS provides various means to guarantee the quality and integrity of your data repository at all times. With data editing in GEONIS server, object relationship rules are used to enforce the management of related objects, calculate field values or update feature geometry.

GEONIS is ready for the future!