Waterschap Zuiderzeeland

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Waterschap Zuiderzeeland


Waterschap Zuiderzeeland replaces IRIS with GEONIS Blaeu

Waterschap Zuiderzeeland is the 5th and final Waterschap of the Waterkracht group that is going to use GEONIS Blaeu to maintain their water ways and structures. Waterschap Zuiderzeeland is located in Lelystad in the Netherlands and responsible for water management of the IJsselmeer polders. The IJsselmeer has been called Zuiderzee before the Dutch build the Afsluitdijk in 1932 and disconnected it from the North See.

Zuiderzeeland is a rather small Waterschap of 400 Ha of land on which 500’000 people are living 5 to 6 meters below sea level. In that respect, Zuiderzeeland has a great responsibility.
In total 6 Waterschappen are using GEONIS Blaeu for water management.