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BAYSIS Map Viewer


In January 2016, the Bavarian Road Information System (BAYSIS Map Viewer) was made available to the public.

The Bavarian Road Information System “BAYSIS” is the central information platform for the Bavarian Roads Administration.

Bayerische Strasseninformationssystem BAYSIS

BAYSIS depicts the regional road network of the German Federal State of Bavaria and its associated characteristics. It makes all road-related information available to the Bavarian Roads Commission for the public services, and not least for the citizens, and serves as a means for editing and evaluation of all relevant data. The BAYSIS Map Viewer has established itself in recent years as a central web-based GIS and serves as the data and application basis for a variety of complex uses. 

Geocom has developed a highly-functional user interface based on WebOffice, which integrates various specialized workflows and tools using service-oriented interfaces. The goal is to put a tool in the hand of the users that is customized to their own requirements and can be constantly improved.

Bayerische Strasseninformationssystem BAYSIS screenshot