GEONIS Blaeu, a strong foundation for the Rijn en IJssel Water Board in the Netherlands.

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GEONIS Blaeu, a strong foundation for the Rijn en IJssel Water Board in the Netherlands.


The Rijn en IJssel Water Board is the first of the Dutch Water Boards that has started to use GEONIS Blaeu in production.

For the Water Board, innovation is of utmost importance and good information management is indispensable. With GEONIS Blaeu a strong foundation has been created to support their primary processes. Water Boards have a long tradition in managing and maintaining their critical assets. Rijn en IJssel decided, together with the other members of the collaboration unity “Waterkracht”, for GEONIS Blaeu.

GEONIS Blaeu is the new Information system for the Water Boards, in which they register the Water Board infrastructure. The system was developed by Royal HaskoningDHV, MUG Engineering and Esri Nederland, together with employees of the four “Waterkracht” Water Boards. Diverse users have access to the information in the system to perform inquiries and can modify the data on various levels by them-selves. The solution is implemented fully through configuration alone, therefore it is much more flexible than traditional software solutions. Jan Heida, business developer for the Water Boards at Esri Neder-land, is proud of GEONIS Blaeu, “The system has been developed together with the Water Boards and perfectly fits to their important work processes. Besides that it is a great advantage that GEONIS Blaeu is based on ArcGIS and GEONIS.”

Many of the formal decisions of the Water Boards are based on the information residing in GEONIS Blaeu, for example summarizing the total kilometers of dikes, maintaining water ways or constructions that are important in case of an emergency situation. It is therefore naturally important that the information is correct. GEONIS Blaeu supports this efficiently and effectively.

Henk Kerkwijk from the Water Board Rijn en IJssel: “The last two months, we have implemented GEONIS Blaeu. In these two months we migrated the data, build up the whole infrastructure and we trained our staff. The reactions out of our organization are very positive. For our ICT-Managers GEONIS Blaeu is a simplified straightforward system that perfectly fits the existing IT infrastructure. Users acknowledge the flexibility of the solution. This solution is really unique, we can easily keep up and support constantly changing queries from outside of the organization. These changes can simply and sustainably be configured. Still, GEONIS Blaeu makes sure that future release of ArcGIS and or GEONIS can be easily installed without any re-work.